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NBM Pop Up x NPT X Belmont, Fisk, NABJ 

 With a special Screening of Exit 207 Documentary



161 Rains Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37203

NPT Parking Lot & Screening Room




5 PM - 8 PM CST





If your selected booth is sold out, please do not click another category. You ruin it for other vendors who may qualify for the option.



  • Must bring your own table and chair



  • 10x10 space is provided only!



  • This event will be held outside



  • Food vendors will be outside



Food Vendors will need proof of liability insurance/permit


  • 1 Business per booth!



  • No electricity is provided



  • Tables are not provided



Food Trucks: - Truck Space, please be able to provide insurance and a food vendor permit.


  • Please have utensils and paper towels for customers.


  • Tent size must be at least 10x10


  • Must provide your own trash can and must clean up after sold out!


  • Please provide a menu for the day of the event.


  • Prepare for long lines.


  • Food Trucks must comply with parking regulations on the day of the event


  • Signage for business must be present

  -Business name

  -Cost of goods

  -Forms of payment


  • Water and electricity are not provided



Please fill out the vendor form correctly


Signage for business must be present


- Business Name

- Forms of Payment

- List of products sold


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